The highly skilled TSE team offer their clients a wealth of structural engineering expertise and knowledge.

TSE have established long-term alliances with skilled professionals who share our commitment to excellence.

Our structural Engineering services include:

  • Timber framed housing
  • Steel beams and framing
  • Steel portal buildings
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Masonry
  • Pre-cast panels
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Stormwater
  • Structural design and detailing for additions and alterations


TSE Taranaki and Associates Limited provide a large variety of civil engineering services and our highly experienced team of engineers will bring a wealth of knowledge to your project.

TSE work on projects of all scales and meet the highest levels of service.

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Bridges
  • Wastewater
  • Roading
  • Earthworks

Seismic Strengthening

The initial Seismic Assessment procedures were developed in 2006 by the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering and updated in 2013 to reflect experience with its application and as a result of the Canterbury Earthquakes.

It is a tool to assign a percentage of New Building Standard (%NBS) score and associated grade to a building as part of an initial Seismic Assessment of existing buildings to determine the overall risk. This tool enables territorial authorities, building owners and managers to employ an engineer to review their building for earthquake risk.

The review assumes the building has been designed and built in accordance with the building standard and good practice current at the time. In the first stage of the review (ISA) some buildings or issues may be flagged as being problematic or as a potentially critical structural weakness and will need further investigation and evaluation resulting in a Detailed Seismic Assessment being recommended.

If your building has a percentage under 33% NBS, the building is classed as being earthquake prone and having risks associated.

Insurance companies and bank lenders like your building to be at least 67% NBS. This relates to a Grade B building, which is not earthquake prone.


Building Evaluation Process

We can help you with each step.

  • 1

    Initial Seismic Assessment

    An initial review of your building to determine the Initial Seismic Rating.

  • 2

    Detailed Seismic Assessment (if required)

    A more in-depth review of your building. If we think your building will get a better score, we will advise you to do this.

  • 3

    Remedial Strengthening Works (if required)

    We will work with you and assess if any strengthening work is required.